Low Touch vs. High Touch Customer Service

I have a favorite local photo and video store in Austin where the customer service is phenomenal called Precision Camera. They have everything a professional photographer and videographer needs including equipment repair, rental, sales and even a studio you can rent out. But there’s a problem in the photography space. There’s a slew of online… Read more »

How (And When) to Hire a Designer

There is an immense talent gap in the design industry. You’ll find professional designers, and those that just call themselves professional designers. Then there are those that don’t call themselves designers, but they design. The key to hiring a great designer is understanding the differences between each type of designer and how they can work together effectively…. Read more »

The Secret To Providing Constructive Feedback To Your Designer

When working with a graphic designer to create a marketing piece, giving honest and useful feedback is trickier than it seems. Giving feedback can be awkward for those not used to working with professional designers, but professional designers know it’s part of the job to receive feedback. In fact, more experienced designers welcome feedback early… Read more »