Yard signs are the bread and butter of the political campaign. They are the longtime friend and ally of the realtor. The yard sign is in fact such a widely used campaign marketing tool that one might be hard up to recall the last time they drove around town without seeing one.

The beauty of the yard sign is that it makes a subtle yet repetitive imprint upon anyone who passes by it. Furthermore, it is a way for followers of a cause or campaign to show their support and make their homes part of the campaign. Evidence of this practice dates back to the time of Ancient Rome, when people would show their support for a political candidate by painting the candidate’s name or slogan on the sides of their homes.

From Ancient Rome to John Quincy Adams to the yard signs of today, these have been effective tools used both to garner and to show support for a cause. Whatever your campaign may be, Print Shoppe is ready to produce custom yard signs to meet your needs.