These days, if the saying is popular enough, you’ve probably seen it on a bumper sticker. In fact, the bumper sticker actually came before the “bumper” as we know it. They hail from the horse-drawn carriage era when advertisers printed the names of their businesses on horsefly nets.

Bumper stickers have come a long way since then, and many a creative individual or business has made big bucks with them. In the business sense, bumper stickers are a great way to get other people out there on the road promoting your brand. For the individual, they are a fun project and a possible mouthpiece to shout your new slogan to the world.

Be your carriage on either of these paths, have no fear for Print Shoppe is here! Not only do we print bumper stickers that stick, we also come up with designs that stick. So if you need that bumper sticker that will catch someone’s eye, we can design it, print it, and get it ready to slap on a bumper.