Direct mail marketing is a proven, versatile channel that is growing stronger as we become inundated with advertising. It presents a unique opportunity to form a tactile bond with a customer or prospect in an intimate setting: their home.

Direct mail campaigns can range from simple to extravagant, and when amplified by technology and other marketing channels, are the undisputed king of the marketing mix.

Epic Mail

Direct mail is most effective when it is part of a balanced and strategic marketing mix.

Epic Mail is our turnkey solution that integrates direct mail campaigns with digital channels such as the Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, and email.

Start leveraging our technology to grow your profits today!

Cement your brand's place in your prospects mind by reaching them across multiple channels for an extended period of time.

Specialized programs for medical practices and political mailers.

Prepare for increased demand by predicting when your campaign will be delivered.

Improve your sales process with the included call tracking & recording.

Direct Mail Marketing
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The Essential Direct Mail Marketing Checklist

Direct mail marketing is a powerful tool when executed correctly. Use this checklist to make sure you cover all the key considerations of executing a successful direct mail campaign. Your hard-earned marketing dollars deserve a great return on investment, after all!

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