Your Epic Guide to Direct Mail

How to plan and execute a direct mail marketing campaign that produces epic results.

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Create your direct mail marketing road map and start producing epic results!

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Direct mail doesn't have to be a mystery. Our detailed workbook guides you through the process of creating a direct mail marketing campaign that will lead you on the path to more profits.

By Completing this workbook, you will Master the art of:

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    Identifying your ideal customer
    Knowing your audience is a key component of any successful marketing campaign.
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    Constructing a call to action that converts
    A clear call to action is the trigger to turning a prospect into a customer.
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    Establishing your brand voice
    Consumers buy from brands they trust. By having a cohesive voice throughout your marketing, you can establish trust.
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    Crafting a core offer that compels
    A strong, concise core offer is critical to ensuring your prospects are compelled to do business with you.
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    Determining the right format for your campaign
    With a plethora of formats and complex postage regulations to navigate, your return on investment hinges on choosing the right format.
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    Engineering Your Epic Mail Equation
    Put your knowledge to work by building an Epic direct mail marketing plan!

Take a look inside for yourself:

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A visually engaging learning experience.

Follow your guide, the Space Cowboy, through a fun journey that will lead you to epic marketing results.

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Excercises that drive home critical concepts

Complete simple but effective excercises throughout to build your epic direct marketing campaign.

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Common Questions

Does direct mail marketing work?

Yes! Direct mail is still proven to be an extremely effective marketing channel. Studies show that direct mail achieves a 1.0% response from a prospect list, and 3.7% from a house list — far higher than digital channels.


Of course! When properly executed, a direct mail campaign can be accurately tracked. Some common tactics include website tracking pixels and call tracking.

How do I know my mail is reaching prospects?

Unlike the past, it's now possible to accurately predict the exact day and time that a mail piece reaches your prospect's mailbox.

Should I abandon my online ads in favor of direct mail?

No. Direct mail can be amplified with online ads, and vice versa. It takes an 8 to 12 impressions for a prospect to convert — direct mail combined with online ads can achieve this.

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ONLY $49

Create your direct mail marketing road map and start producing epic results!

Regular price $99.