The Essential
Direct Mail Campaign

Yes, I want to improve my direct mail campaign with this checklist!

Use this checklist to ensure you've covered the 16 elements & considerations essential to executing a successful direct mail campaign.

who is this checklist for?


Marketing pros should use this checklist to ensure consistently effective direct mail  marketing campaigns.

Business Owners & Executives

Use this checklist as a way to review direct mail marketing campaigns before giving approval.


Add value to your services by understanding how to make your clients' direct mail marketing campaigns more effective.

4 Reasons why you need our
Direct Mail Campaign Checklist

Quickly and easily analyze your direct mail for the 16 key elements and considerations that come together for a successful campaign.

Ensure your campaign fits into your overall marketing strategy to increase its effectiveness.

Frame your direct mail campaign with business context. Why are you executing it, who are you targeting, and how will you drive your audience to action?

Make sure you choose the right direct mail format for your campaign in order to maximize your return on investment.

Rishi Patel

Rishi Patel

Creative Director, Print Shoppe

"We use this checklist at Print Shoppe to ensure that each of our own direct mail marketing campaigns is ideally positioned to provide us a positive return on investment. It's been developed using our years of printing and mailing expertise, plus detailed industry research. It's a must-have tool for every smart marketer."