Low Touch vs. High Touch Customer Service

I have a favorite local photo and video store in Austin where the customer service is phenomenal called Precision Camera. They have everything a professional photographer and videographer needs including equipment repair, rental, sales and even a studio you can rent out. But there’s a problem in the photography space. There’s a slew of online… Read more »

The Print Buyer’s Guide to Book Binding

First, let’s clarify what a book is. In printing we often use the term booklet instead of book and the definition difference is different depending on who you ask. Many say that a book is something that is bound with a hardcover. However, there are many softcover books out there. Others say the difference is… Read more »

5 Quotes About Printing

Since the invention of movable type printing technology around 1041 by Bi Sheng, printing has influenced the world greatly. Even some of history’s most notable figures have something to say about printing: “Before printing was discovered, a century was equal to a thousand years.” – Henry David Thoreau The American philosopher made a reference to printing… Read more »