by Rishi Patel

Learning how to create and execute a successful direct mail marketing campaign doesn’t have to be a mystery. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled this go-to list of resources.


The Direct Mail Solution
Craig Simpson & Dan S. Kennedy.

Marketing specialists Craig Simpson and Dan S. Kennedy paint a powerful and comprehensive picture of direct mail marketing in this short but powerful read.

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The Ultimate Sales Letter
Dan S. Kennedy

This book focuses on how to craft the perfect sales letter. Kennedy provides valuable information such as examples, headline formulas, exercises to spark creativity, and advance on how to use graphics.

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Secrets of Successful Direct Mail
Richard V. Benson

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Courses & Training

Direct Mail Campaigns
Data + Marketing Association

This course shows you how to make your direct mail package cut through the clutter and boost your response rates. You’ll learn how to create all the elements of a direct mail package and come to recognize the key elements that affect the success of a direct mail campaign.

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Your Epic Guide to Direct Mail
Print Shoppe

Need a step by step guide to planning an effective direct mail marketing campaign? Use our in-depth workbook to make sure you don’t miss any critical considerations.

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Online Resources

This website, provided by the USPS, is a fantastic resource that covers several aspects of direct mail marketing from strategy to technology.

This British print + mail provider provides useful information regarding direct mail strategies and execution.

Digital Marketer offers many courses that apply to direct mail as well as digital marketing. When it comes to generating content, finding your target audience and developing your core offer, Digital Marketer is a valuable tool.

This blog offers tips for direct marketers. It also keeps it’s followers updated about the latest trends and news pertaining to direct marketing.

Our blog offers many insights and avenues through which you can learn about direct mail. Also, feel free to contact us and have one of our direct mail pros answer any questions you have.